Some Recent Photos From Around Middletown CT

First Year Hawk
First year hawk, most likely Red Tail, seen Coginchaug River vicinity

Wetmore-Starr House (1752)
The Wetmore-Starr House (1752) Washington St

Kid City Children's Museum
The Kid City Childrens Museum; Washington Street

Little House in the Graveyard
Graveyard scene; Vine Street

Wesleyan U. College Row fm High Street
College Row Panorama; High Street

Note: You may click on the photos for more information and image sizes; you will be redirected to my Flickr page.

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2 Responses to “Some Recent Photos From Around Middletown CT”

  1. lvn600 Says:

    Great photos John-nice capture of the hawk too.That is the town of my birth. My mom was the leader of the Democratic party there some time in the 60’s or 70’s. I know that you are a big time conservative-I fall somewhere in between.

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    Thanks for the compliment Larry! Here’s a link to another hawk photo a few days later; same vicinity, probably the same bird.

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