Middletown Honors The Greatest Generation: Our WW II Vets

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MidtwnPar 24xx.JPG

The 2009 Middletown Connecticut Memorial Day parade and ceremonies were dedicated to our World War II veterans, The Greatest Generation.

MidtwnPar 21xx.JPG

Marty Reardon Sr., (pictured below) commander of the 7th District of the American Legion, will speak. After 15 years as commander, Reardon is stepping down.

MidtwnPar 10.JPG

The keynote address was given by U.S. Army Captain Gluth, who heads the recruitment services office in New Haven.

MidtwnPar 12.JPG

Am enthusiastic crowd lined both sides of Main Street to watch the hour long parade. There were contingents of marching bands, little leaguers, boy and girl scouts, fraternal and service organizations, military formations, farm tractors, and of course, a selection of fire apparatus, old and new, from Middletown and several nearby towns. Our mayor, Sebastian Giuliano, and the Connecticut Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz, and Rep. Rosa Delauro were on hand as well as other local politicians.

Joy Ride Middletown Ct Memorial Parade

MidtwnPar 4.JPG

MidtwnPar 6.JPG

The last photo is from the ceremony at the South Green where the wreath laying took place. Pictured are two vets in colorful biker regalia. Mayor Sebastian Giuliano is visible (grey suit) on the platform, between the men.

MidtwnPar 14.JPG

And finally, a video of some of the parade:

2 Responses to “Middletown Honors The Greatest Generation: Our WW II Vets”

  1. lvn600 Says:

    I’ve seen Susan Bysiewicz while at the capitol. She is so skinny in person.I don’t think she would do well in a hurricane.-I miss the old parade.-I used to attend when I lived in middletown. I passed by it as I crossed the bridge into Portland.-Nice photos.

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    Yes, she really is a twig! She’s also a very animated speaker. I met her at the Middletown Straw Poll event in Feb ’08. She was there to register new voters. Her presentation is at 00:49 to 02:54 on this video I made. She performs a veritable ballet of hand and arm movement!

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