Democrat Voter Fraud in Middletown

October 28, 2016

A longtime Connecticut state representative may be getting some votes from his children.

Most times, that wouldn’t be an issue, but in this case, it may be against the law.

The state is investigating claims that all four children, who use their father’s Middletown address, don’t live in Middletown and haven’t for years.

State Rep. Joseph Serra has been serving District 33 since 1992, but recently his campaign has come under scrutiny, asking why his four children are still using their parents’ Randolph Road address to vote absentee when they haven’t been living in Connecticut for years.

“I just want a fair election. Joe Serra is not going to let that happen,” said Republican Linda Szynkowicz, who is Serra’s challenger.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, residency for voting purposes is established by where you live and, if you’re away, if you intend to return.

In Serra’s case, two of his children live in New York, one in Massachusetts. Another is in Santa Monica, California.

Serra said even though one of his daughters has been away for years, “her intent is to come back. According to the law, what I understand, is that they have the right to do that.”

The Eyewitness News I-Team also discovered Serra used his daughter’s donation to qualify for public funding for his campaign in 2014. It came via the Citizens’ Election Program. To prevent just any candidate from cashing in, under the rules, candidates need to obtain 150 donations, between $5 and $100 that equal or surpass $5,000, to show they have “adequate” public support.

Records show his daughter Lauriann, who works at Ogilvy Advertising in New York, donated $10.

“I didn’t want it. She said, ‘dad, you know, it’s part of the family’,” Serra said.

Szynkowicz took these concerns to the state Elections Enforcement Commission when she lost to Serra in 2014.

An investigation was opened, and two years later, its still open and nothing has changed.

The I-Team found Serra’s four children, Joseph Jr., Lauriann, Lisa, and Steven all on the voter rolls, still, claiming Middletown is their home.

Records show three of the children last voted absentee, in 2014.

“You would think if you’re under investigation for doing something you know is voter fraud, you wouldn’t still be registered in the town that you know you don’t live,” Szynkowicz said.

Serra said Szynkowicz is just upset because she lost in 2014.

In the 2014, Serra beat Szynkowicz by more than 1,300 votes. In fact, Eyewitness News couldn’t find one election where District 33 had been decided by less than 1,000 votes.

“It’s up to my children, they can decide what they want to do,” Serra said.

Serra said he’s spoken with his children and they’ve been interviewed by the State’s Election Enforcement Commission.

“I don’t know what the law is. As I said, the complaint is up there. It’s been there for two years, it hasn’t been decided yet. We’re waiting and we’ll abide by whatever, not me, but my children will abide by it. They’re adults,” Serra said.

The Election Enforcement Commission declined to go on camera, but said they’re inundated with cases…more than 200, and only have three people to investigate them.

As for voting absentee for an extended period of time, the Secretary of State’s office said it’s not frowned upon and the law is written to accommodate the voter.
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The Great October Gale (October2-4,1841)

October 3, 2016

“…In the east part of Middletown, Conn., as much as two feet of snow fell. The trees, in full leaf, ‘broke the forest and shade trees in an extraordinary manner.’ The oldest residents of the town couldn’t remember seeing any snow so early and so destructive…”
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30th Annual Middlesex Historical Society Car Show

October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015: Here is a potpourri of photos of the classic and antique automobiles assembled at Palmer Field in Middletown CT.The event is sponsored by the Middlesex County Historical Society.

1936 Auburn

1936 Auburn


Cadillac 1959

Cadillac 1959


Classic Car & Trailer

Classic Car & Trailer

Ford Model A & Owner




Ford Model A 1930? (tmnp)

Ford Skyliner

Model A (yellow) (tmnp)

Packard 1933

The Featured Automobile at the Show-1933 Packard V-12

Sun Dog

February 9, 2014
Sun Dog by Steadyjohn
Sun Dog, a photo by Steadyjohn on Flickr.

Sun Dogs are a relatively rare occurrence. Sometimes, usually in Winter, when the sun is low on the horizon the sun’s light can be projected thru ice crystals high in the atmosphere to create a second, or ghost image, of the sun. In this image the actual solar disk is at the right behind the utility pole and the “sun dog” is to the left where you see the disk and a vertical colored column.

Often sun dogs occur as pairs on opposite sides of the solar disk as in this example.There may have been another ghost image yesterday but I could not see the portion of the sky in the other direction.

Cromwell CT; February 8, 2014

Wayne Winsley for Congress-Connecticut 3RD CD

August 18, 2012

Third Congressional District Candidate Wayne Winsley

A gathering of some 20 Middletown Republicans and others were on hand Saturday August 18th for a “Meet and Greet” with Wayne Winsley, 3rd Congressional District candidate for U.S. Congress. The event was hosted through the courtesy of the newly opened Michael’s Deli at 83 Broad Street and was sponsored by Middletown Republican Town Committee. Mr. Winsley is planning to defeat the long entrenched Rosa DeLauro.

Wayne Winsley Thanks Hosts Chris and Helena of Michael’s Deli

The group was also pleased to welcome Deborah Klekowski, Republican candidate for CT 100th District, which embraces most of Middletown. The two term Republican member of the city council hopes to win the seat currently held by Matt Lesser.

Deb Klekowski with town Republican Chair Ken McClellan

Middletown Republicans wish to extend a vote of thanks to the folks at Michael’s Deli and wish them great success with their new addition to the city’s culinary delights.

Michael’s Deli-William Wilson Presiding at the Door

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This article originally appeared at Middletown Insider (081812)

Ambulance and Car Collide on Washington Street

July 29, 2012

Very Serious Crash Involving Ambulance and Auto Ties up Washington Street Sunday Afternoon

At approximately 2:30 PM Sunday July 31 an ambulance, believed to belonging to Hunter’s, and a small sedan collided on Washington Street at the intersection of Old Mill Road. The ambulance had overturned and the sedan suffered major damage.

Middletown Patch reports:

Three people, including two paramedics, sustained minor injuries in a crash involving an ambulance Sunday afternoon on a busy stretch of Washington Street.

The impact, at about 2:50 p.m., caused a Hunter’s Ambulance occupied by two men to flip on its side at the Gulf Gas station at 708 Washington Street, across from Wadsworth Glen Health Care.

Emergency workers had to cut through the front windshield of the ambulance and remove the Saturn Ion’s door to remove the male driver, who was taken to Hartford Hospital, according to Middletown Battalion Chief John Ricci.

“Both ambulance crew members were transported for precautionary measures only. Everybody was alert and conscious. The gentleman in the car did have to be extricated,” Ricci said.

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Celebrate Saturday With Rocky Hll-Glastonbury Ferry

June 8, 2012

This report originally appeared at Rocky Hill Patch:

Saturday June 9,,,

Anyone who wants to cross the Connecticut River on the nation’s oldest continuously operating ferry service can do it this Saturday for free.

The Friends of the Connecticut River Ferries along with the Department of Transportation will be hosting an open house day celebration on Saturday, which is part of a statewide event.

The state is offering Connecticut residents discounted or free admission, free gifts, special exhibits and activities at more than 175 destinations across the state.

In Rocky Hill, the open house, which will run from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., will feature the following:

  • Exhibits
  • Activities
  • Food
  • Music

Continue reading at Rocky Hill Patch

Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry

Memorial Day 2012

May 28, 2012

Go HERE for enlarged image

Editorial Cartoon Bashes Middletown and Insults St. Sebastian

October 23, 2011

Statue of Saint Sebastian on grounds of St. Sebastian Church: John Brush Photo

A recent editorial cartoon by Bob Englehart of Hartford Courant has caused considerable consternation here in Middletown. Of course editorial cartoonists, as well as editorialists in general, always run the risk of offending some person or group and Mr. Englehart’s “McMahon as Martyr” piece, which appeared in The Courant on Oct 20, was no exception.

Some background: Acting (Police) Chief Patrick McMahon was demoted and suspended for cause by Mayor Sebastian Giuliano earlier this month. The immediate cause was stated to be the mayor’s loss of confidence in the chief whom he had previously supported for a permanent post as chief of the department. McMahon reportedly was seen imbibing an adult beverage  while armed and in uniform ( a no-no according to the mayor). Mayor Giuliano was not pleased with McMahon’s responses when questioned about the alleged drinking.

The mayor’s support for McMahon and the countervailing lack of such support by other city officials, principally Democrats on the Common Council,  has been a matter of controversy for many months. Finally, a citizen initiative was undertaken by local activist Ed McKeon who managed to secure enough valid signatures to place the issue of McMahon’s promotion on this year’s election ballot. (The ballot question has most likely been rendered moot by the demotion but this is still being investigated.)

Englehart’s cartoon caused distress on two counts.  Firstly, he sullied the reputation of the city with his comment about the cartoon; ” …Stay tuned for more soap opera from Middletown, a town just like yours but really screwed up”. Secondly, and here is where he really stepped into it, he suggested that viewers of his cartoon should check the box as to who was the  Middletown’s official martyr, Patrick McMahon or Saint Sebastian, whose namesake church is a prominent feature on Washington Street.

Well, this prompted a vigorous response from former Deputy Chief (Police) and present Common Council member Phil Pessina, a parishioner at St. Sebastian Church. Mr. Pessina’s objections were presented in great detail in letters that appeared in Middletown Patch and in The Middletown Eye. Excerpts from Mr. Pessina’s letters:

“To Bob Englhart…I am very upset and disappointed with your choice of cartoon characters concerning the recent developments involving our former Acting Police Chief and your lack of sensitivity towards our city’s Catholic residents and our beloved Patron Saint ‘Saint Sebastian’. Your pen has struck a direct insult to both our residents of Italian descent and our parishioners of Saint Sebastian Church…Your insinuation that our town is all “screwed up” is unfounded and based upon your personal feelings. Just because we have a challenge to deal with in our city government, it doesn’t give you the right to besmirch our community…Your reader poll comparing an individual and a saint, is very disturbing and a direct insult towards the parishioners of Saint Sebastian Church who have a deep, devote faith in their patron saint who was put to death because martyrdom for the Christian people.”

Mr. Pessina concludes with a request for an apology on behalf of the people of Middletown and particularly the parishioners of St.Sebastian Church. He also requests a retraction of the offending cartoon.

Phil Pessina Leads I Nuri Procession,Feast of St. Sebastian, May 16, 2011: Credit C. Day

Mr. Englehart, who lives in Middletown and attends South Church, describes his political leanings as “progressive/moderate”, whatever that means; as for his religious beliefs he says; “Congregationalist-hell, we’ll marry anybody who’s in love!” 

Bob Englehart Self Portrait

Middletown Republicans Poised to End Democrat Domination in the City

October 21, 2011

P & Z Candidate Molly Salafia with Matt Scarrozzo, MRTC Chairman

The February 2011 special election that brought Len Suzio to the Connecticut Senate was an early sign of dissatisfaction with long term Democrat domination in Connecticut. In the case of the district (Senate District 13) won by Suzio it had endured Democrat control for 36 years according to the Hartford Courant’s calculations. At the time of Suzio’s win I wrote, in another venue:

“One can only hope that Suzio’s election is a harbinger of reform to come. Recent developments in other states suggest that a nationwide retreat from reckless spending, unfunded mandates, and impossible entitlements is in the offing. The turnout for this election was remarkable for a special election and I imagine that taxpayer concerns here and the news from other states spurred voter participation yesterday.”

The hope today among Middletown Republicans is that the movement away from Democrat domination in local politics can continue with the election of a full slate of able candidates on Nov. 8, 2011. The Republican slate for Middletown is headed by incumbent Mayor Seb Giuliano who has been in office for six years during which time he has been faced with a Democrat majority on the Common Council and Board of Education.

Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano