America Haters or Drunk Teens (or both!)

Reposted today from Steady Habits:

During Memorial Day Weekend Andy Bordick of Hebron repainted the iconic Eagle Rock on Rte 66 in Hebron, Connecticut. Sadly, over the just ended Independence Day Holiday Weekend vandals defaced the Eagle with red paint, creating a bloody mess. The vandal’s  political intent can be inferred by a close look at the top and bottom photos! Reportedly the damage is to be repaired today.

Bloody Vandalism – Independence Day Weekend 2011
Andy Bordick Repainting Eagle Rock on Rte 66 in Hebron – Memorial Weekend 2011

Bloody Vandalism – Independence Day Weekend 2011

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3 Responses to “America Haters or Drunk Teens (or both!)”

  1. lvn600 Says:

    By defacing this rock they ended up bringing more attention to it. You gotta love America!

  2. Main Line Real Estate Says:

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