Open Space on Nov 6 Ballot

      Help Preserve Middletown’s

      Farms and Open Space

    On the Nov. 6 ballot, there will be a question asking voters if the city should borrow up to $2 million for acquisition and preservation of farmland and open spaces.  This could preserve hundreds of acres.

    These City funds may be matched by up to $4 million in State or Federal funding.

    Vote ‘YES’ on Question # 2 November 6

    • To help preserve the scenic and rural character of our city.
    • To help protect wildlife habitat and the health of Middletown’s environment.
    • To help save the city money.  Residential development actually costs much more in city services than it generates in taxes.
    • To help preserve working farms and local agricultural products and jobs. Over 4,000 acres of Middletown farmland have been lost in the past.
    • To help provide outdoor recreational opportunities for Middletown residents.

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