It’s the Humidity Stupid!

For as long as I can remember we denizens of the East Coast U.S. have sweated out many a summer hearing reports of much higher temps in our Southwest and thinking how much worse that must be; but, friends would always retort, “it’s not the heat but the humidity that causes discomfort; it’s much drier out there”. Now there’s a report claiming humidity is rising due to human presence and activity. Increasing humidity is the latest component in the “human activity=global warming” alarmism scam. Yahoo News reports (10/10/07):

Study: Rise in humidity caused by humans

WASHINGTON – With global warming, the world isn’t just getting hotter — it’s getting stickier, due to humidity. And people are to blame, according to a study based on computer models published Thursday. The amount of moisture in the air near Earth’s surface rose 2.2 percent in less than three decades, the researchers report in a study appearing in the journal Nature.

This report seems to be yet another example of scientists’ scrambling to make data fit their “consensus” agenda. One portion of the study showed that, indeed, humidity in the U.S. East had increased but the U.S West, South Africa, and parts of Australia were drier. I, and many others, are skeptical that experts with their precious computer models can make such firm predictions about so complex a system as the earth’s weather and climate.

“This story does now fit together; there are now no loose ends,” said Ben Santer, a scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and author of the September study on moisture above the oceans. “The message is pretty compelling that natural causes alone just can’t cut it.”

The studies make sense, said University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver, who was not part of either team’s research.

No loose ends, compelling messages, sensible studies indeed.

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