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Farmland Preservation News

October 8, 2007

A combination of federal, state, and town monies enabled the forever preservation of the Crooke Orchards farm in Ashford. Owing to an overwhelming local attitude of approval towards saving this 148 acre parcel from deveopment owner Elaine Crooke received over $500 thousand for the development rights. The contribution was divided 37.5% each from federal and state, and 25% from the town of Ashford. The Hartford Courant reports today:

Two years ago, the legislature instituted a $30 real estate conveyance fee for the towns, and about a fifth of an estimated $25 million in revenue from that goes to farmland preservation and other state Department of Agriculture programs, said J. Joseph Dippel, director of the preservation program.

“The Crooke farm was the first closing that occurred with this program,” Dippel said, adding that the new process is much faster than awaiting state bonding. About 10 other towns, including Suffield, Woodstock, Pomfret, Hebron, Shelton and Simsbury, are among the most active in protecting farmland.

317 Bebbington Road (1 mi from Jct Rt 44 & 89)
Ashford, CT 06278
(860) 429-5336

The beautiful farm pictured at the top of the page is one in Killington PA. Pennsylvania is another state very active in farmland preservation.

Farmland preservation is becoming a necessity in the United States, which produces the majority of the world’s farmland crops. However, each year America loses more than one million acres of farmland that had been dedicated to growing the world’s food supply.

“In addition to providing a source of fresh food, farmland supplies habitat for wildlife, green open space, and filters for clean air and water,” said Ralph Grossi, president of American Farmland Trust, a nationwide farmland conservation group. “By identifying and protecting our best agricultural land, we can safeguard the family farms and farm businesses that drive local economies.”

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