Jonah Center News….

The following Jonah Center bulletin, received today, is reposted as a public service:

Jonah Center News


Municipal Building, Room 209

Tuesday, February 12, 2008, 4:30 pm

The City of Middletown is exploring various options to expand Community Gardening and needs to hear from everyone who is interested. Even if you can only stop in for a few minutes and sign in, it would be wonderful! Let’s promote and get involved in “urban agriculture” in Middletown. This is reconnect us with the soil and help everyone learn about the food-growing process. NEAT and Nehemiah Housing are involved in this.

Please forward this notice to anyone who might be interested in community gardening.


The city and DEP are working with the Army to find a more suitable site for the new training base. There will be a Common Council “workshop” meeting about alternative sites coming up soon, perhaps on Thurs. Feb 21 at 7 p.m, but this schedule is only tentative and not confirmed. We’ll keep you posted


The “Floating Meadows” between Middletown and Cromwell and the Maromas section have been identified as possible “focus areas” of the Conte Fish and Wildlife Refuge, sections of which cover the entire Connecticut River Watershed. If you are interested in helping to promote these two local areas for the Conte Refuge, reply to and put “Conte Refuge” in the subject line. We need people to send in “comment sheets.”


There will NOT be a Jonah Center meeting or program in February, due to the many other meetings and events taking place. Our next program meeting will probably be held on March 18.

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  1. lvn600 Says:

    I finally checked out the area where the old landfill was and found it very interesting.-I even submitted some sightings through the biodiversity link on the Jonah Center website and did a post on my visit to that area.-thanks for bringing this project to public attention on your blog!

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