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Middletown to Join Mattabesset District?

August 27, 2007

Quotes of the Day….

The sooner Middletown can remove its sewage treatment plant on River Road, the better, according to Middletown Planning Environmental Specialist Jim Sipperly.

“Middletown would represent 30 percent of the flow if it enters the district,” –Mattabesset Chairman William Candelori

Actually Middletown already pours 2.5 million gallons per day into the Mattabesset system, but only as a customer, not as a member.

The Middletown Press reports extensively on the issue today:

MIDDLETOWN – The plans for economic development along the Connecticut River face one major hurdle the waste water treatment plant located on River Road, south of Harborpark.

City say the plant must be upgraded, replaced, or – better yet – removed entirely in order to make room for the proposed river-front development.
That is, if Middletown can send all of its wastewater to the Mattabassett District regional sewer treatment plant in Cromwell…..

The image below is an aerial view of the Mattabesset plant along Route 9 in Cromwell just north of Middletown.

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